Celebration Masks by Bobbi Headder

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Raven Image

Artist Comments:

After developing and then sketching the image on canvas, I painted the face/mask. At a craft store I found white rooster hackle feathers and grayish guinea fowl feathers. Not the colors I wanted. But I was anxious to get on with the painting and resolved to work with what I had. I played around and found that the rooster feathers, once they were adhered to the canvas could be painted. The guinea fowl feathers required a different treatment. With several recipes from the Internet, I dyed the guinea feathers. The best dye turned out to be grape Kool-Aid using hot water and my microwave. I found several gold trims to my liking and bought a yard of each. Tried them all and selected one. With all the feathers and trim in place, my final concern was the bottom right corner of the canvas. Back to the store, I considered several types of fabric and went with a soft, slub knit in black. The last thing I added was a gold medallion that I had on hand. "

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